Horse & Hound’s 12 deals of Christmas: No.10 [Promotion]

For our 10th deal, The Knights of Middle England is offering...

Unique Medieval Mounted Experience Days with The Knights of Middle England

For the ultimate Christmas present for the person who has everything, or if you are looking for that gift with a difference that someone will remember for years to come, look no further that a Unique Mounted Experience Day.

A Medieval Jousting Experience Day takes you back in time to the ‘Days of Olde’ when our valiant English knights were competing in exciting medieval horseback sports. Mount your trusty steed for the day and learn the Mounted Knight’s Skills to prepare yourself for the ‘Grand Gauntlet Challenge’ competition. Then, take on the Black Knight in a mini-Joust! Learn to wield a Medieval Broadsword and become Robin Hood as you take up the Medieval Longbow and unleash your arrows upon the target trying to hit the gold!

Or how about a Specialist Skills Day?

The Knights also offer Horseback Archery and Trick Riding workshops so why not come and try something completely different on the back of a horse. Come for one of our half day workshops or combine both sessions for the ultimate Mounted Specialist Skills Experience Day.

Introductory Trick Riding Workshops give a fun and accessible introduction to this artful discipline. Using our Vaulting barrel and specially trained horses on the lunge in the safety of an enclosed arena, try your hand a basic manoeuvres on the back of a horse including vaulting, tricks and stands!

Horseback Archery — For the ‘Knights of Old’ it was not enough to be skilled in jousting and sword fighting, it was also necessary to master the art of archery on horseback! Taught by qualified archery instructors, you will first learn to use your bow from the ground, then mount one of our specially trained horses and practise on the move as you ride down the archery run unleashing your arrows upon the targets.

The Knights of Middle England is offering these Unique and Exciting Day packages at the special discounted price of just £135.00 per person — a massive £30 off your booking (usually £165.00)

Never sat on a horse before? Don’t worry – we cater for all levels and ability – even those with none!


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