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What is green lipped mussel?

Green lipped mussel is a mollusc and is scientifically known as Perna Canaliculus. They are farmed on hanging ropes in the pristine waters of New Zealand and have been consumed by the costal dwelling Maoris for hundreds of years. The farming of green lipped mussels is very eco-friendly and is one of New Zealand’s largest aquaculture industries.

Green lipped mussel for horses contains a unique profile of omega 3 fatty acids including ETAs, EPAs and DHAs as well as naturally occurring chondroitin sulphate. There are a wide range of health benefits linked to omega 3s including joint care, heath of eyes, skin, the brain and the heart.

Omega 3 fatty acids found in green lipped mussel are best known for their fast acting, natural soothing properties which makes them key in joint care for both animals and humans.

Maxavita’s Mussels

Maxavita’s green lipped mussels are farmed in Marlborough Sounds, which is renowned for its deep blue waters and for producing some of the highest quality mussels in the world.

To create their unique powdered extract called SuPerna™, Maxavita use a patented cold processing method. This method retains up to five times more omega 3 fatty acids than standard freeze dried extracts. Freeze drying is a common process, however it damages the sensitive omega 3 fatty acids which are what make the green lipped mussel so unique.

GLM-Processing-MethodsMaxavita’s patented extracts and processing methods are what set them apart from the rest and they take pride in having some of the most potent green lipped mussel supplements in the world.



Many horse owners using MaxaFlex will begin to see results in as little as seven to 10 days. This is due to the main ingredient green lipped mussel which has fast acting soothing properties.

MaxaFlex is an all-round, dual action joint care supplement for horses that suffer from stiff and sore joints.

It contains a patented green lipped mussel extract called SuPerna™, which has high levels of unique omega 3 ETA fatty acids. These fatty acids contain natural soothing properties which work quickly to ease stiff and aching joints.

Maxavita-TubMaxaFlex also provides the ingredients key ingredients glucosamine, MSM and HA which are helpful for long term joint care as they are key components of connective tissue. MaxaFlex contains no listed banned substances and is suitable for horses competing at all levels.

Tiffany shares how feeding MaxaFlex has helped her horse Jacko.

“After feeding MaxaFlex for the last four days, I have been compelled to let you know of the amazing results that I have witnessed.

“Still in light work, Jacko has been struggling to pick up his hind legs for the farrier. However, having noticed a difference in his wellbeing and improved movement, I was able to pick both hind legs up today.

“Thank you for providing an affordable joint supplement that actually works.’

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