20 times we’ve questioned why exactly we do horse showing…

We love it, but there are definitely certain times during the show season when we question our sanity and ask if it’s time to get a new hobby.

Even if you’re an incurable showing addict, here are 20 times you’ve probably questioned why on earth you compete in the show ring…

1. When you tally up the cost 

These days, paying £50 plus for a qualifying class is considered the norm

2. When you look at your marks

25 for ride after a foot-perfect show? 45 after a wrong leg? Sometimes you wonder what judges actually see

3. When your work friends ask why you have a horse

Ultimately, to qualify to compete in a car park in the middle of Birmingham in October

4. When you fluff up your show

You only get one chance to shine in the show ring so one mistake can be costly. These incidents usually happen when you’ve got up at 3am, travelled for five hours and the judge really, really likes your horse or pony…

5. When you get your prize money

I come back from a show a lot richer than when I set off, said no one ever.

6. When you feel robbed

Just keep smiling until you get back into the lorry and no one is in ear shot of your cursing

7. When it’s raining

It’s hard to show off when you’ve just been caught in a torrential downpour and now both you and pony resemble drowned rats

8. When you look at the official photos

I swear it felt better than it looked?

9. When your horse is naughty with the ride judge

I’m so embarrassed…

10. When you miss your class

If only it were like dressage and we could have allotted times

11. When your other half asks when they never see you 

Don’t mind me again, just off to the other end of the country to ride round in a circle for a piece of ribbon

12. When you forget your qualifying card

Worst thing ever

13. When you are placed second in a HOYS qualifier

So near, yet so so far

14. When it’s time to get out to a winter show

How long is it acceptable to hibernate for?

15. When the summer championships becomes your summer holiday

Who needs Ibiza?

16. When your mum asks if you’re looking after yourself

2am starts and a diet of burger van chips does nothing for the face or the figure

17. When your horse has more products than you

I look like a peasant so he can look like a prince

18. When the judge gives you a riding lesson

We appreciate the help but I’m still not happy about it

19. When it’s time to enter county shows

You need a degree in computer science to negotiate some of these entry systems. And the closing dates are about three years before the actual show…

20. When you get to the county show

So much to spook at. Should have stayed home and gone for a leisurely hack instead

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