New dressage app to help event riders remember their test

  • A new app to help riders learn their dressage tests will be launched this December by Leeds-based brand Equinox-Apps.

    ‘BE Dressage Tests’ will give the entire set of British Eventing (BE) tests in an easy-to-read format for small screens.

    The app, which doesn’t need an internet connection to work, will also allow riders to listen to their test whilst riding, either on their iPhone or iPod.

    Yorkshire mums Barbara Gibbs and Jan Birley came up with the idea after getting fed up with their daughters losing paper tests at the last minute before a competition.

    Ms Gibbs told H&H: “It’s about the availability of it -now you can learn your dressage test anytime, anywhere.”

    It is the only app approved by BE and includes three new tests for the 2012 season.

    For more information visit www.equinox-apps.com

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