Lauren Shannon’s blog: why I’m in love with the World Class programme

  • Hi everyone,

    It’s been a busy week for Shannon Eventing, kicking off with a trip to my first World Class potential squad training. I had a brilliant time, meeting the nutritionist, doctor, saddle fitter et al.

    It was great to have a couple days away from the hustle and bustle of running an event yard and it meant we could concentrate on the horses and really start to fine tune things.

    I had lessons with Nick Burton, Angela Tucker and Kenneth Clawson, all of which were eye opening and interesting. We filmed my riding as well to see patterns of how I sit and if I can be more level on top of the horses.

    Basically, I am in love with the programme as I can see how it could improve my performances hugely (and it also helps that everyone is incredibly kind and wants to see you improve). Better do all I can to stay funded this year!

    Then it was a rush back to the yard to do a Rampant Sporting photo shoot. It was much more chilled out than that sounds though, I even managed to fall over jumping off straw bales and dirty all the gorgeous new clothes I was wearing!

    This was followed by teaching some students before I took them to an unaffiliated dressage competition on Saturday. I took the horses I have for sale as well and they all behaved impeccably.

    So now it is the rush before the beginning of the season. “Louie” (Zero Flight) has started his canter work in preparation for Badminton (whose entries close soon, I better get a move on!) and all the horses are in dressage boot camp with Judy Bradwell and regular jumping sessions too.

    I will hopefully get the older horses out to Arena UK this weekend and the younger ones cross-country schooled as well.

    Wow, when I write it all down it sounds like there is loads to get on with, and Oasby is only just round the corner!


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