Keyflow and The Mark Todd Collection continue support of Bridging the Gap training

  • British Eventing (BE) has announced that Keyflow and The Mark Todd Collection will continue as sponsors for the BE Mark Todd Bridging the Gap  (MTBTG) training programme for 2014.

    The initiative aims to help to “bridge the gap” between the U21 and world class programme by helping riders who are trying to move towards 2 star or advanced level.

    The scheme provides training with BE accredited coaches Gill Watson and Lizzel Winter as well as course walks at specific two star, advanced and three star level events.

    As well as the training programme one rider will be awarded the MTBTG scholarship.

    The scholarship package includes 3 individual training sessions and mentoring from Sir Mark, a year’s worth of  Keyflow feed and nutritional advice plus clothing, tack and horse-wear from the Mark Todd Collection.

    The inaugural scholarship was won by 24-year-old Powys based rider Franky Reid-Warrilow in October.

    “I am so excited about the year ahead, especially since I have now booked my first training session with Mark at the end of February,” said Franky.

    “That alone has already given me an incredible amount of drive to be a lot more organised in my training to get the most out of my time with him.”

    For more information visit: keyflowfeeds.com/mtbtg/

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