H&H blog: Dee Kennedy considers her Badminton trot-up outfit

  • Eliot (Big El) recovered well from his trip to Burnham Market and enjoyed a day in the field on Sunday.

    We had Easter Sunday dinner with several fellow competitors in Shropshire. We were well entertained and well fed!

    Monday was work as usual — I worked the horses in the morning and spent the afternoon cleaning the lorry. After the rain at Burnham this was a much needed job.

    On Wednesday Eliot enjoyed a canter at Kelsall Equestrian Centre, which again went very well. On Thursday we did flatwork. He is being very well behaved and he seems to be enjoying his work, which is making my life much easier.

    Friday was devoted to a trip to Tuffy Tilley’s for a jumping lesson. Tuffy has been helping me for roughly eight years and she has taught me a lot. She is a real task master so she put the pressure on me and the horse and no stone was left unturned. I was not able to get away with anything.

    On Sunday we were at Kelsall, our most local event as it is only five minutes away. I had Precious Z and Chequers Supertar doing a BE100. Both had best-to-date dressage marks and were very well behaved. Star jumped a fab clear show jumping and Precious just tapped a pole which was very unlucky.

    The cross-country was mixed emotions time. They both felt the best they have yet — focused, very straight and a pleasure to ride… except they both had a little blip at the water. Star stopped on the way in, shocked that he saw the water last minute, and Precious was so bold through the water that I flew past the fence on the way out.

    I kicked myself as Star was on for a win and Precious a high place in her section. Horses! Although I was cross, I did come away with positive feelings because without the blips they went the best they have gone, although it doesn’t look it on paper. I can look forward to their next outing.

    We are at Belton next weekend, which has a beautiful setting and is one of the “big occasion” events.

    Another issue that does need addressing is the outfit for the trot-up at Badminton and some special footwear, will it be the Jimmy Choos? Or maybe this time some Blahniks are needed! Pictured are mine and Eliot’s feet at the Burghley trot-up last year…


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