Express Eventing: how the competition will work

  • Stuart Buntine gave the following details of the Express Eventing competition at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, on 30 November at a press conference in London today:

    • Competition starts with each rider doing a 4-minute freestyle dressage to music programme.
    • Dressage is marked by four international judges and a musician, who will give an artistic impression score.
    • Marks are converted into time-penalties, with each mark equating to 2 seconds.
    • Reverse order combined jumping phase starts with a 12-obstacle show jumping course with fences up to 1.30m, with some choices of routes.
    • Riders then enter a pitstop area where they must put on a body protector and have the option of changing tack. They can be assisted by two grooms and the event organisation will also provide two “horse handling officials” in this area.
    • They then move onto a cross-country phase with approximately 20 fences and 25 jumping efforts.
    • Whole combined jumping phase — including the pitstop — is timed, with seconds added for jumping penalties, to determine the winner.
    • Winner gets £100,000, total prize-fund of £250,000.

    Express Eventing website

    Ticket details and programme

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