Eventing safety improved by crackdown on poor riding

  • A British Eventing (BE) initiative to kerb bad behaviour and poor riding at events has led to improved standards, the BE safety committee chairman has told H&H.

    Ian Graham reported this week that since the event incident log was instituted at the start of this season it has led to a drop in minor rule infringements. So far around 25 riders have been added to the log.

    “The incident log is an internal document circulated to field staff at events to [help them] recognise riders who have caused concern in the past, by their riding or their behaviour, which was not serious enough to lead to a formal sanction,” he said.

    If a rider is pulled up again for a similar reason, the chances of disciplinary action would be greater, he explained.

    “We were aware of people who continually cropped up but because we do not have the same officials at each event it was hard to keep track. Now, any rider put on the log is told at the time. It has led to a real improvement in behaviour. People know we are keeping an eye on them,” said Mr Graham.

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