Dee Kennedy’s Badminton Horse Trials blog: Sunday’s written summary

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    I’ve just completed my show jumping round, which went very well. We had three down but we have had several more than that at previous three-day events, so I was delighted with the way he jumped. He felt really fresh and springy.

    The ground was great, it was nice and spongy and he jumped really well so I am absolutely delighted to have completed Badminton for the first time, after not having such a good time last year!

    This morning he trotted up really well, which was great. I wore my Jimmy Choos again and got several comments from the crowd and a big clap which I think is quite fun, whether the ground jury appreciate it or not! Elliot trotted very well. He was lifted by the atmosphere of the clapping from Polly [Stockton], who I followed in the trot up. He trotted really well, ears pricked and we were all delighted and we got the ‘accepted’ very quickly.

    Then we jumped on and brought him up to the collecting ring to get the canter back to a shorter show jumping canter after all the galloping and lengthening yesterday. I watched several rounds before getting back on for a final jump before our round. He felt still fresh and fantastic. I’m absolutely delighted with how he has gone, and completing Badminton.

    Our plans for the future have changed slightly. We had it in the back of ours minds that this might be his last four-star as he is now 18, but having completed the way he has, we are now looking to go to Burghley and then fingers crossed he will do another year. Having finished as well as he has, I don’t see why he won’t be able to.

    Thank you very much for taking an interest into my blog in the lead up to Badminton, and listening to my blog while we have been here at Badminton. It has been very enjoyable for me; I hope it has been you for.


    Listen to all of Dee’s audio blogs

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