British eventing team in gold after WEG cross-country

  • Great Britain holds the team gold position after cross-country day in the eventing at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games, with William Fox-Pitt also in silver individually.

    Nicola Wilson and William got the British team off to a great start, but third team member Tina Cook was not so lucky. Miners Frolic launched into the first water jump, the Salato Wildlife Centre, and Tina had to pull out in a loop before the next element, crossing her tracks as she did so.

    Initially when Tina finished it was announced that she had gone into the lead as her score was announced without the 20pen. But this was quickly altered, and Tina decided not to appeal the decision — more on this here.

    “When I jumped into the first water the horse drifted left and tipped me forward. I was aware of not crossing my tracks, but I went on the line I had to go on to get to the fish [element b],” said Tina, when she first heard the 20pen had been awarded.

    However, the last team member, Mary King on Imperial Cavalier, added a third clear inside the time to Britain’s team score.

    “He absolutely loved it,” said Mary. “He’s been wanting to go fast all week, even in the dressage, and it’s an honour to ride such a fantastic horse who so enjoys it.”

    With Tina as the discard score, Britain holds a slim 4pen margin over the USA in the team standings — just one showjump down tomorrow could change everything. Canada has moved up to bronze position.

    “The pressure’s going to be on — to be going into the showjumping with so little space between the top two teams will be terrifying,” said William Fox-Pitt. “You never know how the horses are going to jump after a day like today, but we will be hoping our horses will be as careful as they can be.”

    Michael Jung holds individual lead

    Although the German team had a dismal day, dropping from first after dressage to fifth, individually Michael Jung held his lead after putting in a clear round inside the time on La Biosthetique-Sam FBW, despite being held at the start for some 25 minutes.

    “I was on the horse for twice as long as I would be normally and the big problem was that I didn’t know when I would start,” said Michael afterwards. “Also, there was a really fresh wind coming up and I didn’t want the horse to get cool, but at the end I had enough time to prepare him for the start. I’m thrilled with how he went.”

    American individual Becky Holder moved up to the individual bronze position with Courageous Comet.

    Britain’s individual riders had a successful day with Pippa Funnell (Redesigned) clear in the time and Piggy French (Jakata) just outside it. Placed eighth and twelfth at this stage, both are within shouting distance of the individual medals, as is Mary King in 10th. Although Michael Jung has a 9pen lead over William, the riders placed down to 15th are all within two showjumps of the current individual silver medal position.

    Injured horse

    The hold at the start before Michael Jung’s round was due to Italian team member Juan Carlos Garcia falling with Iman Du Golfe at fence 20.

    A statement just released by the event says: “Veterinarians attended to the horse immediately. The horse was stabilised at the fence and transported by horse ambulance to the nearby Rood & Riddle veterinary hospital for further assessment and treatment. The rider, Juan Carlos Garcia, was taken to hospital and initial reports are that he is in good condition.” Read update on Iman Du Golfe and Juan Garlos Garcia.

    Log back on tomorrow for more updates on the eventing, full report in H&H out 7 October.


    1.Great Britain 139.4
    2.USA 143.4
    3.Canada 147.5
    4.New Zealand 150.8
    5.Germany 192.7
    6.Ireland 198.5
    7.Belgium 220.1
    8.France 227.7
    9.Japan 304.1


    1.Michael Jung (La Biosthetique-Sam FBW), GER 33
    2.William Fox-Pitt (Cool Mountain), GBR 42
    3.Rebecca Holder (Courageous Comet), USA 42.5
    4.Ingrid Klimke (FRH Butts Abrassas), GER 42.9
    5.Andrew Nicholson (Nereo), NZL 43.5
    6.Stephanie Rhodes-Bosch (Port Authority), CAN 44.2


    8.Pippa Funnell (Redesigned) 45.5
    10.Mary King (Imperial Cavalier) 46.2
    12.Piggy French (Jakata) 47.4
    20.Nicola Wilson (Opposition Buzz) 51.2
    29.Tina Cook (Miners Frolic) 60.3

    WEG results

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