Event rider loses two horses in road accident

  • Australian one-star event rider Courtney Fraser has lost two horses in a road accident.

    She was driving back from the Albury International Horse Trials in New South Wales at the weekend.

    The accident occurred near Yarra Glen, close to Courtney’s base in the Adelaide Hills. The two horses that died, Perfect Match and Entertainment Plus, had both been competing at Albury, the latter winning the EvA95 class (equivalent to a BE90/100).

    It is thought that a truck jack-knifed and hit Courtney’s vehicle and trailer, as well as another car. The driver of the car was killed, while Courtney and her friend, Emma Booth, a passenger, were both take to hospital with injuries. Courtney is due to undergo knee surgery.

    A news release posted on the Australian eventing website An Eventful Life, read: “Words can’t really express how awful it must be to lose your two horses in this way, but we send our deepest sympathies to Courtney and send best wishes for a speedy recovery.”

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