Totilas teams up with top DJ Paul van Dyk for new freestyle

  • Dressage record-breaker Totilas has teamed up with a superstar of a different kind — world famous DJ Paul van Dyk.

    Paul has created the music for Totilas’ new freestyle routine, which will be seen for the first time at Balve, Germany, this weekend.

    The Grammy-nominated DJ said: “To produce music for such an international star is a great honour.

    “I started off by looking at the movement of Totilas when he was training with Matt [rider, Matthias Rath]. This allowed me to set the timing, tempo and pace for the composition.”

    Paul then spent a week in a London studio producing the track before doing the final recording in Berlin. And the end result has thrilled Matthias.

    He enthused: “When I first heard the music, I got goose bumps. This musical masterpiece fits so well with Totilas and his movements, I hope the crowds will be smiling when they see our routine on Sunday.”

    What do you think? Listen to a clip here — www.matthias-rath.de/de/aktuell

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