New service for dressage test sheets being offered

  • In an attempt to battle ever rising postage costs, the College Equestrian Centre in Keysoe, Beds, is trialling a new idea.

    The College is now offering a new “scan and send” service for dressage tests sheets. If you leave an email address after you compete, the sheets will be emailed to you free.

    “As far as we know we’re the only centre offering this,” Simon Bates from Keysoe told H&H. ” It was just an idea we had, sparked by the comical costs of postage, which just keep increasing.

    “It’s so much cheaper, easier and quicker to email – and people will [like to] know instantly as there’s no waiting.”

    Simon added that, after only a couple of weeks, it was a “bit early to tell” what the response would be, but that he expected the service to catch up from reactions so far.

    Rider and H&H dressage reporter Sarah Jenkins said: “This is a brilliant idea, I hope it catches on – no more hanging around in the cold for hours waiting for your sheet because you forgot to provide an SAE with your entry, or because the same judge is deliberating over the next class so the sheets won’t be released.

    “That said, I hope they have a good scanner and provide the judges with highly legible black ink pens – handwriting can be hard enough to decipher on originals.”

    This news story was first published in the current issue of H&H (13 September 2012)

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