Editor’s choice: Reiner Klimke wins gold at 1984 Olympics

  • How times have changed in the dressage world! Take a look back at the gold medal-winning performance of Reiner Klimke on Ahlerich at the 1984 Olympic Games. While the horse’s movement is far less dramatic than today’s top dressage horses, it is a clear picture of harmony between horse and rider with the poll at the highest point throughout and impressive levels of relaxation.

    Not only have the standards of performance changed, the type of horse has also moved on. Ahlerich is a lighter framed horse compared to the powerful warmbloods seen today at this level.

    So do you think that the development of dressage and dressage horses over the past 25 years is a good thing, or do you hark back to a return to ‘good old days’? Discuss in the forum

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