Dressage competition raises cash for World Horse Welfare

  • A charity dressage competition at Fountain Equestrian, Dyce, raised a grand total of £1,800 for World Horse Welfare on 9 May.

    The event, set up by Dorothy Henskens and Susan Whyte, has amalgamated £14,500 for the equine charity formerly known as the International League for the Protection of Horses (ILPH) over the past eight years.

    Some 68 horses and 61 riders from Aberdeenshire and Moray contested classes from prelim to elementary this year.

    Organiser Gail Greig said: “It was great to see a mix of people who come every year to compete whilst others were trying out dressage for the first time or riding young horses.

    “Our judges and helpers come back year after year to support the competition and help to raise money for World Horse Welfare. As soon as the event is over we start planning the next one, organising sponsorship and roping in the volunteers.”

    World Horse Welfare has a rescue centre at Belwade Farm, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire in addition to centres throughout the UK.

    The World Horse Welfare dressage competition was sponsored by RGB Ltd, Rollstud Limited, Denise Darwin Training Ltd, Chris Dykes International, Donald Nicol Farriers, Free Spirits Saddlery, CNR (UK) International, Ardene House Veterinary Centre, Meadows Veterinary Centre and Simpson, Brebner & Partners. First aid was provided by Colin Lindsay.

    Class 1 – prelim 15
    1 Lauren Mackie, Lauren’s Weeman
    2 Jo Pitt, Rocadaro
    3 Dawn Smith, Wallencia
    4 Gillian Green, Badger’s Quicksilver
    5 Amy Sim, Tony
    6 Joanne Burt, Dexter

    Class 1A – prelim 15
    1 Sarah White, Baillie
    2 Charlotte Crisp, Overhall Elfin
    3 Mandy Sall, Domino
    4 Claire Bain, Rosita Von Pferdheim
    5 Alice Prior, Safranek
    6 Shona Macaskill, Ard Cool Cat

    Class 2 – prelim 19
    1 Mandy Sall, Domino
    2 Sarah White, Baillie
    3 Alison McGovern, Umbra
    4 Susan Reid, Moonlight Shimmer
    5 Susan Laird, Lorrivale Dun Piper
    6 Alice Prior, Safranek

    Class 2a – prelim 19
    1 Gillian Green, Badger’s Quicksilver
    2 Nick Peters, Becki
    3eq Lauren Mackie, Lauren’s Weeman; Dawn Smith, Wallencia
    5 Muick Wood, Tregoyd Degagee
    6 Lauren Cowie, Special T

    Class 3 – novice 35
    1 Claire Grant, Sligo Late Dancer
    2 Lisa Taylor, Durris Gold Sovereign
    3 Rhea Hussey, Seronok’s Mr Kite
    4 Caroline Martin, William
    5 Kristen McGhie, Funky Monkey
    6 Lisa Dougall, Break Free

    Class 3a – novice 35
    1 Barbara Manson, Brynfa Hwyel
    2 Shuna Mardon, Peppy Keep The Gold
    3 Lorna Anderson, Azzoro Van’t Hulsbos
    4 Alison McGovern, Umbra
    5 Freya Petrie, Red Sky Rebel
    6 Anke Puennel, Talisman

    Class 4 – novice 37
    1 Pamela Duncan, Baremuir Superior
    2 Shuna Mardon, Peppy Keep The Gold
    3 Jane Jeffries, Lord Marek
    4eq Barbara Manson, Brynfa Hwyel; Annalise Noble, Noble Prince
    6 Anke Puennel, Talisman

    Class 4a – novice 37
    1eq Lisa Taylor, Durris Golden Sovereign; Kristen McGhie, Funky Monkey
    3 Emily Green, Derryvale Sun
    4 Rhea Hussey, Seronok’s Mr Kite
    5 Lisa Dougall, Break Free
    6 Caroline Martin, William

    Class 5 – elementary 43
    1 Colleen Tait, Ace of Diamonds
    2 Pamela Duncan, Baremuir Superior
    3 Lizzi Franks, This and That
    4 Claire Grant, Sligo Late Dancer
    5 Jane Jeffries, Lord Marek
    6 Jennifer Bruce, Dalcotes Holland & Holland

    Class 6 – elementary 53
    1 Lizzi Franks, This and That
    2 Colleen Tait, Ace of Diamonds
    3 Barbara Wilson, Mr Toast
    4 Rhea Hussey, Ludmilla S
    5 Hilary Purvis, Dot’s Hope

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