Anna Ross Davies’ blog: two wins on the Spanish Sunshine Tour

  • My ‘babysitting job’ with the Thomas family’s fabulous Marinetty TSF has paid off as we have finally broken the Spanish stranglehold on the Sunshine Tour and won the international prix st george. Needless to say I’m absolutely delighted.

    The test felt really good and we beat Spanish team rider Beatrice Ferrer Salat by the smallest of margins… just point one of a percentage point. It just shows it’s all in the detail. Marinetty is a real ‘sportsman’ — he always tries so hard, was mistake free throughout and had his feet round his ears in his extensions.

    Not to be outdone little Ulia won the owners class today too! I’m finally grateful that my dogs at home are so badly behaved as there was quite a commotion going on in the background during our test. Ulia is accustomed my own dogs appalling behavior at home so she soldiered on oblivious to the noise.

    My dog training skills (or lack of!) have been the butt of many a joke in the past, but now I hope my regular critics will realise that Benjy and Bodge’s lack of education is all part of the masterplan. I’m so pleased with Ulia, she’s competing at a much higher level than she ever has before and has really done herself, and her owners the Connell family, proud.

    We prepared for today by getting extremely lost in the town again last night trying to find a Morrocan restaurant. And then got lost on the way back as well. I’m thinking of tying a ball of string to our door handle and unravelling it as we go along so we don’t get lost every night!

    The town is made up of very high identical looking white buildings so it’s a tricky business finding our way around. I haven’t been drinking since I’ve been here so far, but I think I might allow myself a big Sangria tonight in celebration as I don’t have any tests to ride tomorrow 🙂



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