FMBs Therapy Systems

FMBs Therapy Systems provide technology-leading therapy products for horses and riders worldwide.

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    Address FMBS Therapy Systems, Pyatts Farm Lane, Lane End, Bucks, HP14 3NW

    FMBs supplies state-of-the-art therapy equipment to enhance performance, fitness, strength and rehabilitation with a large range of products including:

    • PEMF+massage therapy rugs, leg wraps and boots
    • PEMF+light therapy clusters and pens
    • Water treadmills, cold salt water spas and combined chilled aqua treadmill spas
    • Therapy floors with PEMF+vibration+weigh scales
    • Sea Climiate: Salt+Oxygen therapy equipment
    • Ice Horse range of cold therapy boots, wraps and pads

    Activo-Med-Combi-Pro-Rug-with-front-PEMF-leg-wrapsTherapy Rugs and leg wraps

    The Combi Pro rug is our most popular therapy rug and has been used and endorsed by numerous well know riders from all disciplines all around the world for nearly 20 years, developing based on feedback from vets and professionals over this time. It is a dual therapy rug combining powerful Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy (PEMF) with deep massage and covers the main muscle groups of the horse from tail to top of the neck. It can be used daily for improved suppleness and flexibility pre-work and post exercise for recovery. While the majority of our clients use the rug to support their horses to perform at their best, it is also excellent for horses in rehabilitation, with specific stiffnesses or conditions, injuries or for general maintenance. The latest rugs are lighter in weight, more breathable and have more powerful PEMF spools for improved cellular repair and all round results.

    The Combi Pro rugs come with a versatile but easy-to-use pre set multifunctional control box, which can run additional products such as:

    • PEMF leg wraps
    • PEMF and massage hoof boots
    • PEMF+light therapy clusters and pens
    • Pecdominal girth
    • PEMF+light therapy + massage pads
    • Solariums

    Contender-RugThe Contender rug is the little sister to the Combi Pro rug and is a good second rug for taking to competitions or a new introductory rug benefiting from a lower price tag and like all our new equipment, it benefits from a 24-month warranty. It still covers the main muscle groups from tail to poll and comes with all the same benefits of the PEMF therapy that the Combi Pro offers, just without the massage therapy element. It is very lightweight, breathable mesh and simple to use.

    Wave-light-pulse-Therapy-ClustersWave-Light-Pulse therapy clusters work using PEMF therapy plus red and infrared super luminous LED diodes with optional massage function. They are used to trigger normal cellular repair targeting a specific problem area. They can be used for multiple issues including muscular, tendon and ligament injuries, bumps, bruises, cuts, wounds, arthritis and fractures.

    Equine-Water-TreadmillEquine Water Treadmills are a great way to enhance suppleness, stride length, increase cardio-vascular fitness and help build muscle tone, core strength and overall wellbeing. FMBs offer a complete, experienced and professional package including initial site visit, design and room layout, technical drawings, delivery, installation and elite training with a vet who has worked with water treadmills for the past 25 years. We offer many options and configurations on the treadmills to suit your private set up or your business and with our extensive experience, can support new ventures to be successful.

    Cold-Water-SpaCold Salt Water Spas can be used for tendon and ligament injuries, inflammation, soft tissue damage, hoof-related problems, arthritis, laminitis, concussion, wound healing, general maintenance, to support recovery post competition, to help prevent injury and more. It also provides relief from pain, bruising and inflammation. Our Spas, like the treadmills, are manufactured in Germany ensuring the build quality and design is second to none and can incorporate a vibration floor if required.

    Dry-TreadmillDry treadmills – another popular product and we offer a huge selection to suit a variety of needs and budgets.

    Options include:

    • Uphill incline
    • Uphill and downhill incline
    • Speeds from walk only up to gallop
    • Roof top
    • Size options to suit your set up and space.

    Combi-FloorCombi Floors are a state-of-the-art stand-on platform combining controlled vibration with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy for cellular repair, plus an optional weigh scale function. For improved circulation, recovery, rehabilitation and general wellbeing, it can be used pre warm-up and post exercise for daily recovery and rehabilitation. The floor is very versatile with settings that can be changed to suit specific horses, for example, if vibration was unsuitable, the PEMF can be used on its own, which may be useful with some rehabilitation cases.

    Sea Climate-1400x744Sea Climate is purified dead sea salt with magnesium and negatively ionised oxygen therapy equipment used for improved respiratory problems and skin health. It can boost performance by improving cardiovascular health. This medically approved system provides an environment free of bacteria, allergens and dust giving your horse the safest and most effective treatments.