horse riding lesson at a riding schoolIf you’re looking for horse riding lessons, then Horse & Hound’s directory of UK riding schools is a great place to start. Search the list below by county or region using the dropdown menu to find riding schools in your area. Also check out our useful tips to help you find the ideal riding school for you or your children.

Horse riding is a fantastic sport, which is suitable for all ages and physical abilities. Whether you want to emulate your heros by competing against fellow riders, have ambitions to own your own horse or just want to enjoy some peaceful time in the open countryside, learning to ride through horse riding lessons is ideal. As well as being an enjoyable experience, riding also challenges your physically and mental fitness. It’s extremely effective for establishing your core muscles, which are key for balance and being able to mirror the horse’s movement with your own body.

While all horses have minds of their own, they are generally very placid and kind creatures. Learning how to persuade half a tonne of horse to do your bidding during your horse riding lessons is extremely rewarding. The emotional connection between horse and rider is something that can be hard to describe to those who haven’t experienced it, but once you’ve had it, it’s something you won’t want to let go. And so you can’t say we haven’t warned you, check out things beginner riders should know before you begin…

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