A.R Equestrian Ltd

A.R Equestrian clothing has been designed to be excellent riding clothing, that is able to be worn where ever you go – not only in the arena. The company’s unique designs make its clothing different to other equestrian brands, so you stand out from the crowd.

  • Telephone 07591510730
    Address 25 Abbey Wood Lane, Rainham, United Kingdom, RM13 9QH


    A.R Equestrian clothing has been designed to be fantastic to ride in, creating a breathable and wearable feel that is suitable to be worn in every day situations. Fabrics are key to the clothing’s design to ensure these products will last wear after wear, be comfortable and affordable.


    As a small, up-and-coming equestrian brand, A.R Equestrian’s product range is continually expanding as the business grows. It has five outfits available on its website www.arequestrian.co.uk, two of which have been launched for its new 2020 winter collection.


    A.R Equestrian leggings are a wardrobe essential being a breathable, comfortable and tight fit to allow maximum mobility. The mesh panels allow your skin to breathe, while a pocket on either leg to carry your daily essentials makes these leggings practical yet fashionable. Designed to be worn in any discipline, these leggings are perfect for everyday wear or competitions. And these leggings are not only great for horse riding, but are ideal for the gym too!