Sophie Jenman’s first Badminton: An early journey home for Geronimo

  • Unfortunately my time at the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials hasn’t ended as I hoped. I’m very disappointed that I was eliminated as I felt Al [Geronimo] and I were capable of getting around the course.

    I was eliminated at fence 13, the Outlander Bank. He never understood the question. I jumped the alternative, but had a technical 20 penalties at part B as well as 2 stops. I was able to carry on for a bit and I had a great ride through the Mirage Pond, but then got pulled up because of my technical stop.

    I felt he started well but was a little overwhelmed by the whole occasion. I could feel him looking at the crowds and not totally concentrating on the jumps. He seemed to tire surprising early on in the course and I think the wind and the holding ground also had a big effect.

    I take some comfort from the fact that so many good horses and riders didn’t complete. It was a really tough course from start to finish, possibly even too tough as so few went clear and no-one got close to the time.

    Sophie Jenman and Al Badminton stablesWe will be heading home this evening, glad that Al and I are fit and well. Just for peace of mind we will get his bloods tested to make sure his calmness and early fatigue on course was nothing more than being overawed by the big occasion.

    He will have some time off then will be aimed at a couple of OIs to make sure his confidence is full restored before planning his autumn campaign.

    I would like to thank Horse & Hound for asking me to write this blog. I hope you have enjoyed following the ups and downs of my first Badminton experience. Hopefully there will be many more to come.


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