Kirsty Short Badminton cross-country

Kirsty Short’s Badminton first-timer blog: I was so nervous, but Bouncer was amazing

  • Dressage day went well — Bouncer did such a good test for him. I was so, so nervous that he was going to blow up, but he kept it together and didn’t, thank you Bouncer.

    The judges still don’t like us, but I’m OK with that. After dressage I had a fantastic opportunity to do some filming with Redmills, where Beanie Sturgis and I talked though some fences and what I was doing at each of them. I then went on another course walk in the afternoon.


    Last night I woke up at 4am, I think it was because I was just so nervous, so I ended up watching an episode of Lost In Space to take my mind off things.

    This morning was so nerve racking, I have never felt such tension, this is defiantly the biggest four-star I have been too.

    I was due to go at 2.30pm so I left the riders tent at 12.30pm, grabbed an apple and got dressed while the team was getting Bouncer ready.

    I like to play loud music and get myself pumped ready for the cross-country, so I had my headphones turned up full.

    Getting on for the cross-country was so exciting and Bouncer was super chilled warming up, which was great.

    We arrived at the start with exactly 30 seconds to go — perfect timing.

    I feel like I let Bouncer down at Huntsman’s Close as we picked up an unfortunate 20 penalties at the “C” element. He then stormed round the rest of the course and was on the bridle right to the last — it was just thrilling and Bouncer was amazing.

    Kirsty Short Badminton cross-country

    He recovered within 15 minutes of finishing, he was so fit which was brilliant.

    We are now celebrating at the lorry with champagne and a lovely barbecue with friends and family.

    I have my fingers crossed for tomorrow! I will update you all on how we get on.

    Kirsty and Bouncer

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