What’s new: PolyPads Polar RAPPAs

  • Riding during warm summer days can be extremely enjoyable, but the accompanying hard ground can be tough on your horse’s legs.

    Many competitions, including Pony Club camps, are held in the summer months but jumping and galloping when the ground is solid can cause concussion to your horse’s legs, which can lead to discomfort, lameness and damage to tendons and ligaments.

    Vet Margaret Phizacklea explains: “Inflammation occurs as result of concussion. By applying a cold treatment you can minimise the detrimental effects of excessive inflammation.”

    PolyPads Polar RAPPAs are leg wraps that use removable, re-useable lightweight cold packs filled with a fine powder. The powder remains malleable when frozen, allowing it to be moulded comfortably around the tendon to deliver long-lasting cooling therapy.

    The cold pack slots into a pocket within the leg wrap, allowing it to be removed for refreezing and the leg wrap to be washed as necessary. The Polar RAPPA is quick and easy to fit and the design means it is not possible for it to be over tightened, preventing other associated soft tissue injuries.

    The PolyPads® Polar RAPPAs cost around £35.00 per pair. For further details (tel: 01284 850511) or visit: www.polypads.co.uk

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