Vitamin boost in a bottle

If your horse is feeling a little flat during the competition season, Dodson & Horrell’s B-Sure could be the ideal pick-me-up

Dodson & Horrell’s B-Sure is a high specification liquid B vitamin supplement which can help provide an all-round health boost.

Formulated from controlled levels of iron and copper, B-Sure is said to help horses recovering from illness or viral infection and has also proved beneficial for horses travelling frequently, or those prone to nervousness.

According to the manufacturers, B vitamins are produced by the horse as a result of digestion, but there are situations such as in cases of liver dysfunction, acute laminitis, or simply horses with poor appetites, where extra B supplementation is required.

B-Sure is available in a 1litre container, which will last approximately one month at the recommended feeding rate of 30ml per day.

Cost at around £17.45.

For more information contact Dodson & Horrell’s Helpline (tel:0870 442 3322)

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