UK equine dentist exams

  • A group of 25 equine dental technicians (EDTs) sat the first official exam in equine dentistry at the University of Edinburgh recently.

    The candidates, who had already attended the British Equine Veterinary Association’s (BEVA) advanced dentistry course, were assessed by two external examiners from the US, as well as a number of internal BEVA representatives and a member of the British Veterinary Dental Association (BVDA).

    The exam included questions on general equine nutrition, physiology, infection, disinfection, legislation and health and safety matters, as well as dental anatomy, pathology, dental instrumentation and treatments. Each EDT was asked to draw dental charts from horse skulls and had their knowledge of dental abnormalities tested.

    Candidates’ practical rasping skills were also put under the microscope as one internal and two external examiners watched each candidate in action with a real case.

    Tim Greet from BEVA said: “The new exam will produce certified equine dental technicians who both the veterinary profession and horse owners can be confident in using.”

    The successful candidates, who are eligible to become members of the new governing body for EDTs when it is launched, are:

    • Joan Johnston from Northants
    • Tom Phillips from Lincs
    • Martin Walls from Hants
    • Richard Halls from Beds
    • Chris Keate from E. Sussex
    • Doug Vieweg from E. Sussex
    • Mark Slingsby from Oxon
    • Rupert Smith from Northants
    • Martin Danzebrink from Herts
    • David Regan from Oxon
    • Mark Thorne from Cumbria
    • Greg Wood from Hants
    • Robert Ruddy from North Yorks
    • Tony Rose from Dorset
    • John Edmounds from Wilts
    • John Cranage from N Yorks
    • Stuart Garrard from Suffolk
    • Michael Field from Oxon
    • Lucy Smith from Berks
    • Shane Kitching from Warks
    • Beverley Rippon from Norfolk
    • Colin Hill from Essex

      Visit www.baedt.co.uk for more information on equine dentistry and contact details for EDTs in your area.

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