Tera’s Dawn

  • “Tera’s Dawn” is American author Susan K. Schank’s first children’s book. Tera is a young wild filly brought up by the herd after her own mother went missing. She thinks she knows better than her elders who tell her not to leave the herd and goes to hide on her own.

    Dramatically captured, she is taken to a ranch to work as a plough horse, but a surprise awaits as she is reunited with her long-lost mother. Tera patiently plots their escape and after using an ingenious trick to open the paddock gate, both are re-united with the herd, Tera having learned her lesson.

    The book is beautifully illustrated by artist and children’s art teacher Denise Seah, inspired by her own horse, Brandi. Eye-catching full page pictures are painted in a bold, naïve style using clear, bright colours which children will love.

    Denise retired from eventing in 1995 after injury and turned to Arabians, whose influence is reflected in the horses’ flowing manes and tails and elegant, showy poses.

    This is a lovely book for reading together with young children, or just to enjoy the illustrations alone.

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