Perfect Confidence

  • Many riders have experienced the unnerving phenomena of losing their confidence either aboard or around horses, and in this, her latest book, equine behaviourist Kelly Marks sets out to help us overcome our fears. She says that aside from technique and knowledge, inner confidence is key to real achievement with horses.

    Kelly writes in a way that draws the reader in – you almost feel as though you are in a room with her, having a confidential conversation. For that reason, perhaps the mind becomes more open, and I began to see new areas in which I could benefit from a change of thought process. Somehow it is quite an empowering read – keeping something like this at hand in times of confidence crisis must surely help quell the self-deprecation.

    The major point in this book’s favour, where less-than-confident riders are concerned – is that it is made clear that nerves and fears are perfectly normal and valid. It is not assumed that nervy riders are poor ones, or weak ones. Rather, it sets about suggesting how to change their mindset.

    While the book is obviously designed for those people who are experiencing, or are prone to experiencing, a lack of confidence, it would be a shame if other riders overlooked it in entirety, believing it of no real relevance to them. Aside from serving a purpose, it is also enjoyable to read; the colour photography is clear and bright, the case studies are interesting and pull-quotes offer snippets of wisdom from past and present. In short, a very worthwhile investment!

    Published by Ebury Press, ISBN: 9780091917739

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