Not a Penny in the Post

  • H&H reviews Not a Penny in the Post by J A Harvey

    This is an outstanding book, the best modern work on managing a country and hunting a pack of hounds that has ever come my way. How I wish it had been published and I had read it before I myself started writing on the subject for Horse & Hound!

    Tony Harvey was master of the Easton Harriers for the best part of a quarter of a century. His fearless account of the difficulties he met with, and the fun he had, will have you, as it did me, laughing, and at times not far from tears. It is a wonderful story, wonderfully told, by a man, who died sadly young, whom you end up feeling endless admiration for.

    I strongly recommend this book to anyone with a serious interest in hounds and hunting. I don’t expect to see it bettered in my lifetime.

    Published by Halsgrove. ISBN: 9780955647765

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