North West Arab Horse Society Show 1-2 May ’04

  • NORTH-WEST AHS Hollingworth Leisure, Rochdale, Lancs, 1-2 May

    Anglo/part-bred ridden (C Mould) novice 1, J Dobson’s Pickmere Seistan; 2, J Walker’s Hermitage Valentino; 3, D Bailey’s Cwyrai Remeldo. do open 153cm 1, J Wilkinson’s Thorneybank Katriana; 2, P Gula-Walker’s Apres Nous; 3, M Charlton-Mockett’s Shadinsky. do over 153cm 1 & res sup, H Wood’s First Encounter; 2 & res, G Neve’s Maraday Matahari; 3, Z Whittle’s Rumworth Rambling Spirit. jnr riders 1, J Dobson’s Pickmere Seistan; 2, J Dickinson’s Tara-Shaklana. do coloured 1, K Lamb’s Mystic Colours. nat young riders 1, A Morgan’s Maraday Mystic Spirit; 2, G Neve’s Maraday Matahari; 3, M Johnson’s Rashiek Ibn Malik. pure-bred ridden nov mare 1, Fitch & Jacobson’s Cerra; 2, V Neldon’s HFA Kwissikal; 3, Grant/Chivers&Rose’s Bint El Nil. do gelding 1, E Harrison’s Azure Bay; 2, C Doxy’s Ocean Eilat; 3, B Marsh’s Halim El Shaklan. do stallion 1, D Hill’s Ohio. HOYS open pure-bred mare 1, J Nicholson’s Kazmiera; 2, Kettles & Grant’s Varaina; 3, C Dabbs’s Ramilla. do gelding 1 & res pure-bred, B Marsh’s Johara El Kheil; 2, C Bennett’s Storm Gold; 3, A Boyle’s Maleikero. do stallion 1 & sup, R Titterington’s Shadow Blue; 2, E Hedley’s Merlin Ibn Maximo; 3, M Drain’s CDRS Kid Shaliin. pure-bred in-hand (M Tengstadt, A Dixon, P Gamlin.) y’ling colt 1, Keen & Griffith’s Emenes; 2, S George’s SG Spirit Of Essteem; 3, V Brown’s LVA Estopas Winter Storm. jnr filly 1, M Smith’s Yokosuka F; 2, S George’s SG Hessta Shaklana; 3, Ing & Givens’s Amour Etiole. do snr 1, A Harris’s ADH Psyches Passion; 2, H Brown’s Enchantress; 3, Oasis Arabians Kazrhia. 2-y-o colt 1 & res jnr male, V Brown’s Notorious Psy; 2, J Lowe’s Mirage Shakhiran; 3, M Bundy’s Jabban. jnr filly 1, D Smith’s TS Halinaah; 2, S George’s SG Esscada; 3, M Fitzgerald’s Karramia. do snr 1 & jnr fem ch, E Jones’s Haniyyah; 2 & res, P Crick’s LTF Fire A Dream; 3, H Cawley’s Redwood Lodge Chances R. 3-y-o colt 1 & res sup, L Lyall’s Nabucco; 2, P Meylan’s HT Karachi; 3, Lee&Tonge’s Remeses. do filly 1, C Chillingworth’s Tabara; 2, P Crick’s Wings of Joy; 2, A Hallworth’s FS Zaafinah. 1-3-y-o gelding 1 & geld ch, S Foreman’s Dancin Dream; 2 & res, S George’s SG Fflute; 3, A Hallworth’s Sanjahman. 4-y-o & over 1, L Croft’s Aurab El Kheil; 2, N Thomas’s Kaishan; 3, N Armstrong’s NPA Hazan. classic head (P Whitlow) 3-y-o & under 1 & res, M Fitzgerald’s Karramia; 2, Bedwin Arabians Judals Shallima; 3, L Brian’s LA Psychic Power. b’mare 1 & res snr fem, Woodward’s Karimda; 2, N Grogan’s Inspirational; 3, L Green’s Levetta. foal 1 & ch foal, S Brown’s Sulan Ellectroneeka; 2 & res, L Green’s Shavetta; 3, Woodward’s HT Kamilah. barren mare 4/7-y-o 1 & snr fem ch, A Taylor’s La Dolce Vita; 2, E Jones’s Oryetta; 3, S Thorne’s DF Ballerina. 8-16-y-o 1, Bedwin Arabians Inyka; 2, M Fitzgerald’s Pokrovka; 3, J Dickinson’s Tara-Shaklana. veteran 1, S Brown’s Sulan Easter Princess. stallion 4-6-y-o 1 & sup, H Brown’s Psyche’s Spirit; 2, Lewmack Arabians AJA Ben Nazif; 3, E Hedley’s Emir Ibn Nahaman. 7-16-y-o 1 & res snr male, E Jones’s Muhajjal; 2, D Slaon’s Raji; 3, S Etchell’s Focus Shatino. classic head senior 1 & ch, C Kerrane’s Ameelia; 2, P Whitworth’s Anastasia; 3, Sulan Easter Princess. Anglo/part-bred in-hand (S Plant) stallion 4-y-o & over 1, M Morgan’s Kalaharee; 2, D Bailey’s Cwyrtai Remeldo. gelding do 1, J Walker’s Hermitage Valentino; 2, Apres Nous. mare 1 & res, Y Selby’s Archwood Creation; 2, M Morgan’s Maraday Crystal Morn; 3, S Brown’s Kathbarr Royal Secret. foal 1, S Brown’s Ellectronic; 2, T Carswell’s Paddocklow Persephone. young handlers 1, S Thorne. y’ling colt 1, Y Selby’s Archwood Night Fever. filly/gelding 1, K Holt’s Tempest Sweet Jasmine. 2/3-y-o colt 1 & ch, Styalways Amadeus. filly/gelding 1, L Sheridan’s Allbrite; 2, K Walsh’s Wards Place Lolitta; 3, T Carswell’s Sandby Excella. coloured 1, Mystic Colours.

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