North Hereford P-to-P

    Whitwick Manor, Saturday, 18 February (Good Dead)

    213. Hunt Members, 12st

    1 Toscanini (GER) (Goofalik (USA)) (Mark Doyle) S Gray
    2 Rain Delay (Raymond Rogers), fav R Rogers
    3 Alfie Valentine (Pamela Ford) K Ford

    Also: Vero Beach (4), v, Gunsmoke (ro), Lumyno (FR) (ro), Rhetoric (IRE) (ur), Rufius (IRE) (pu). 8 ran. 7l, 3l, 5l. 6min 47.0s. SP: 12-1. (North Herefordshire).

    214. Confined, 12st

    1 Un Jour A Vassy (FR) (Video Rock (FR)) (Marilyn Scudamore), 7x A Ralph
    2 Samuel Wilderspin (Miss Kerry Lee) T Collier
    3 Orient Bay (IRE) (Nicky Sheppard), bl Miss E Merrick

    Also: New Lodge Express (IRE) (4), Fontaine Again (IRE) (5), Ashgar (USA) (6), bl, Huntersway (IRE) (7), Indeed To Goodness (IRE) (8), 5x, 7a, Welburn Boy (9), bl, Bold Tactics (IRE) (0), Lannkaran (IRE) (0), Magic To Do (IRE) (0), Fertile Valley (IRE) (ur), fav, Gay Baratineur (FR) (pu), Glacial River (IRE) (ur), Mighty Pip (IRE) (pu), Rusty Fellow (pu), Sir Sharif (IRE) (pu). 18 ran. 8l, 12l, 3/4l, 8l, 1?2l, 6l, 1/2l, 1l, 8l, 1/2l, 20l. 6min 35.0s. SP: 7-1. (Croome & West Warwickshire).

    215. Mens Open, 12st

    1 Unmistakably (IRE) (Roselier (FR)) (Cath Williams), 7x, fav James Tudor
    2 Fane Counsel (IRE) (Andy Hobbs) Julian Pritchard
    3 Reel Dancer (Julie Marles), 7x C Wadland

    Also: Caught At Dawn (IRE) (4), 7x, Oh So Droll (5), Solar King (6), Clonshire Paddy (IRE) (7), bl, Distracting (8), 7a, Blasket Sound (IRE) (9), 7x, Harbour Bound (IRE) (pu), 7x, Try To Wyn (pu). 11 ran. 5l, runin, 7l, 3/4l, 8l, 15l, 1l, 20l. 6min 33.0s. SP: 6-4. (Worcestershire).

    216 Ladies Open, 11st

    1 Polar Flight (Polar Falcon (USA)) (Rose Vickery) Miss S Sharratt
    2 Strong Tartan (IRE) (Cath Williams) Mrs A Rucker
    3 Lombards Lass (IRE) (Michael Hammond), 7a Miss A Smith-Maxwell

    Also: Diamond Monroe (IRE) (4), Corrie (ur), 7a, Double Ange (FR) (f), Ello Ollie (IRE) (f), 1ow, Shower of Hail (IRE) (pu), Stormhill Stag (pu), Tam O’Shanter (pu), bl, Watchyourback (NZ) (f), v, fav. 11 ran. nk, 12l, 11/4fncs. 6min 39.0s. SP: 20-1. (Weston & Banwell Harriers).

    217. Restricted (Div 1), 12st

    1 Greet You Well (Neltino) (Martin Keighley), v M Wall
    2 Miss Brightwells (Steve Flook), 7a A Wintle
    3 Ballingale Dawn (IRE) (Roy Tatlow) R Rogers

    Also: Fruitfull Citizen (IRE) (4), 7a, Ballyedgar (IRE) (pu), fav, Frenni Girl (IRE) (pu), 7a, Greavsie (IRE) (pu), London By Night (USA) (ro), Mikes Acre (pu), 7a, 4ow, Paddy Bettalot (pu), Shafts Chance (IRE) (ur), 7a, Shining Knight (IRE) (pu), Traffic Offence (IRE) (pu), Valjean (IRE) (pu), Zahran In Space (pu). 15 ran. 21/2l, 15l, 4l. 6min 51.4s. SP: 14-1. (North Cotswold).

    218. Open Mares Maiden (Div 1), 11st7lb

    1 Classic Tilly (Classic Cliche (IRE)) (Sheila Crow), 7a R Burton
    2 Analan (Charlotte Banks) T Weston
    3 Fulwell Hill (Jeff Tredwell) C Wadland

    Also: Gossip (4), Rakaposhi Raid (5), Aiming High (pu), Ban Dubh (pu), Clettwr Girl (IRE) (pu), 3ow, Dickinsbury Lass (f), Dora Aitch (pu), Jasu (pu), Je Suis (IRE) (pu), Julia’s Pride (ur), 7a, Kirkfield (IRE) (pu), Little Girl (pu), The Good Faerie (pu), Trolley Dolly (pu), 2ow, fav. 17 ran. 21/2l, 1?2l, 6l, 15l. 6min 54.8s. SP: 6-1. (North Shropshire).

    219. Confined Maiden (Div 1), 12st

    1 Which Way Now (IRE) (Anshan) (Sheila Crow), fav R Burton
    2 Yeabut (Gabe Mahon) M Harris
    3 Ben More (Charlotte Hurst) M Keel

    Also: Bristol Bridge (pu), But Me No Buts (pu), Come On Boy (pu), bl, Emperor’s Castle (pu), Greenash Golf (pu), Lagan Lady (re), v, 7a, Lord Ashfordly (pu), Maire de Beaulieu (FR) (pu), Phatic (IRE) (f), Real Sharp (IRE) (pu). 13 ran. 8l, runin. 6min 45.4s. SP: 4-6. (Worcestershire).

    220. Restricted (Div 2), 12st

    1 Gemster (Alflora (IRE)) (Alison Dare), 7a Miss P Gundry
    2 Double Thatch (IRE) (Gillian Pritchard) G Barfoot-Saunt
    3 Gumlayloy (Steve Flook) A Wintle

    Also: Howya Matey (IRE) (4), Well Said Sam (5), Sissinghurst Star (IRE) (6), Autcaesar Autnihil (IRE) (pu), Ballydoyle Counsel (IRE) (pu), 7a, Crested Penguin (f), Milliners Guide (pu), 7a, Pollerton Run (IRE) (pu), River Ground (IRE) (pu), Roberta Back (IRE) (pu), 7a, Special Friend (IRE) (f), Suzie Cream Cheese (IRE) (pu), 7a, fav, This One Is A Boy (IRE) (pu). 16 ran. 11?4fncs, 4l, 10l, 15l, runin. 6min 41.5s. SP: 3-1. (Beaufort).

    221. Open Mares Maiden (Div 2), 11st7lb

    1 La Folichonne (FR) (Useful (FR)) (Clive Johnson) L Johnson
    2 Worth Waitin For (Charles Morris), 2ow M Harris
    3 First Partner (IRE) (John Needham) A Hanly

    Also: Classic Cottage (4), Countess of Chell (f), Elegant Accord (IRE) (pu), Just Panache (f), Mossville (FR) (f), 7a, Ouh Jay (pu), Petina (IRE) (pu), 7a, 1ow, fav, Shona Spurtle (pu), Sister Bury (f), Sovereign’s Lily (ur), Upton Silver (pu). 14 ran. 1/2l, 8l, 11/4fncs. 6min 53.0s. SP: 25-1. (Wheatland).

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