New home for Kabul pup

  • Tiger, the puppy brought back by soldiers from Afghanistan has found a new home

    Tiger, the puppy rescued by British soldiers on duty in Kabul has found a new home in Colchester, Essex.

    Discovered by Sgt Graeme Smith in a disused wine factory, Tiger had been beaten and badly treated. Graeme adopted him during his stay in Kabul and had him flown back to England on his return.

    Following an appeal by the Daily Telegraph, more than 100 applications were received offering Tiger a home and one in particular stood out.

    Margaret Watson has worked as a tailor at the Colchester Barracks for nine years. She plans to take Tiger towork so soldiers from the 216 Signals, who were instrumental in his rescue, can continue to see him.

    Tiger is currently in quarantine where he will remain until September. Mr and Mrs Watson have so far managed three visits and have plenty more planned. They are hoping to forma close bond ready for when Tiger is released.

    They told the Daily Telegraph: “He is a lovely dog, full of energy, but we are planning some obedience training to help calm him down.”

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