Yogi Breisner pictured right (chef d’equipe); Kenneth Clawson (assistant chef d’equipe/show jumping trainer); Jackie Potts, Alice Dorman, Sophie Smith, Andrea Kerlin, Kerry Varley, Catherine Owens (grooms); Jenny Hall (vet); Tracie Robinson (dressage trainer); Anna Johnson (equine physio); Brendan Murray (farrier).


David Trott (chef d’equipe); Ferdi Eilberg (trainer); John McEwan (vet); Haydn Price (farrier); Joce Brooks (sports psychologist); Victoria Spalding (equine physio).


Derek Ricketts (chef d’equipe); Sara Ingleson, Paul Kent, Barbara Wenzl, Alex Tyler-Morris, Tez Harrison, Lisa Parko (grooms); Robrecht Cnockart (team vet); Jennifer Lamon (team vet’s assistant); Steven Smith (trainer); Haydn Price (team farrier); Victoria Spalding (equine physio).


Bob Johnston (chef d’equipe); Yvonne Johnston (chef d’equipe’s assistant); Sarah Grose, Claire Morgan, Mark Hedley, Bryan Guy, Philip Swindale, John Sibley, Reinhard Hepper, Nelson Mitchell, Sue Sibley, James Gamms (grooms, backsteppers, navigators and additional trainers); Joce Brooks (sports psychologist); John McEwen and Liz Brown (vets); Peter Whitehead (doctor); Andy Thomas (human physio).


Niki Jenkins (chef d’equipe); Des Payton (assistant chef d’equipe); Peter Hall, Steve Beresford, Philip Hirst, Pete Trenouth, John Yeoman, Karen Robertson, Karen George, George Bull, Peggy Sofley, Georgina Hirst, Diana Stevens, Daniel Jobson, Nick O’Hara Smith, Nigel Perrott, Isabel Du Toit (crew and grooms); Hugh Salmon and Elizabeth Brown (vets); Kelvin Lymer (trainer); Gavin Scolfield (horse physio); Joanna Gibson (human physio); Joce Brooks (sports psychologist); Maggie Maguire (EGB).


Adam Heaton (chef d’equipe); Lisa Cover, Lauren Jolly, Nicola Peters and Jessica Harris (grooms); Garry Dench, Tabatha Sternberg-Allen, John Dumford, George Sternberg-Allen, Lady Plurenden and Lindy How (owners); Allen Donnell (team vet); Marco de Schelfi (team vet); Carol & Mike Gatt and Mrs Dumford (additionals)


Jenny Leggate (chef d’equipe); Amanda McWilliam (assistant chef d’equipe); Jane Nicol (attendant); Michaela Callegari (trainer); Elizabeth Brown (team vet); John Eccles (team lunger); Elizabeth Brown (reserve team lunger); Julie McNally, Liz Mackay, Lucy Bell and Wolfgang Renz (individual lungers); Pamela Murray, Anna Burros and Helen Rogerson (grooms); Jane Eccles and Avril Murray (owners); Jenny Ellis (stable manager); Andy Thomas (human physio); Peter Whitehead (doctor).