Mini teams.— 1, Hants Red (Brooklands Bobalong (H Charles), Doune (B Knight), Mitchell Troy Welsh Express (H King), Spider Pig II (J Inwood)); 2, Central Red (Little Tip Top (Z Smith), Rockfield Charm (J Aston), Moyspring (M Danielson), Silkan JJ (J Lye)); 3, Sussuez Blue (Ester (H Barsham), Rocketman II (P Ramey), Typentre Anwen (I McCaul), Ninon De Mels (I Salter)). mini ind.— 1, Typentre Anwen; 2, Moyspring; 3, Heineken (P Schaverein). maxi teams.— 1, Norfolk/Suffolk (Westside Menlough (C Swanborough), Ashfield Bobby Rose (H Vincent), Leytons Bits And Pieces (L Few), Supernova Starlight (G Dicker); 2, Surrey Red (Wix Blue Magic (R Edwards), Bojangles Bear (D Rawlinson), Woodstocks Lucky Lad (E Howell), Right Proper Charlie (E Uden); 3, Essex (Authorized (L Lock), Mr Walibi (H Bateman), Lenamore Too True (A Godfrey), Summerhill Rose (R Green)). maxi ind.— 1, Wodstocks Lucky Lad; 2, Bucklands Bandit (A Rayner); 3, Calypso Rum Punch (K Gregory). mature maxi teams.— 1, Sussex Red (Fabian (Y Pinchen), Honey (J Drea), Fossabeg Star (J Crossfield), Okehurst In The Spotlight (E Curley); 2, Hants Red (Okehurst Little Bow Wow (A Newbury), Sir Wallace (H King), Who’s Bob (P Stronge), Two Tone II (T Greenwood)); 3, Central Red (Derravagh Og (R Danecker), Carlsberg (D Lawrence), Just A Dash (H Burchmore-Eames), Rushendon Boaz (C Aston)). mature maxi ind.— 1, Rushendon Boaz; 2, Okehurst Little Bow Wow; 3, Okehurst In The Spotlight. grown-up teams.— 1, Central Blue (Quarelle D’Leau (C Garnham), Touch Of Frost V (J Lye), Westwinds Ego (A Burchmore-Eames), Wilcox (C Aston); 2, Central Red (Wilandri (A Burchmore-Eames), Shalvara (G Cross), Magic Man (C Garnham), Cathleen 16 (C Aston)); 3, Wilts Red (Total Caro (S Nodder), Rante (C Chant), Grange Quest (T Bevins), Lagavulin (C Addis)). grown-up ind.— 1, Wilandri E; 2, Wilcox; 3, Universe Special (A Newbury).