Instant lighting at your fingertips

  • Prepare for the worst of winter with risk of power cuts with a new range of portable rechargeable lighting products, ideal for those late night stable checks.

    Nightsearcher Ltd’s Panther is a new high intensity searchlight which provides more than 1M candlepower of light and a one-mile long beam, which is totally water-resistant and said to be unbreakable.

    The Panther will fully recharge from a mains supply charger, as well as from your car’s cigar socket.

    The Focus is a powerful searchlight with a wall mounted charging bracket and a Halogen beam.

    Operating for four hours on a high beam and eight hours on a low adjustment, the Focus’s adjustable spot and flood beam can also be adjusted for brightness.

    Also useful is the rechargeable Fluorescent Lantern which can be used anywhere thanks to its mains and battery dual-power system.

    Ideal for tack rooms or on-site maintenance, this lantern operates for approximately three hours on a single fluorescent lamp and approximately one and a half-hours on twin lamps.

    Prices range from£26.95 (Fluorescent Lantern), £43.95 (Focus) and £74.95 (Panther).

    Contact: Nightsearcher (tel: 01243 370222)

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