How to read all the stories on the Horse & Hound e-newsletters

  • If you’re here, then you’ve most likely been having problems reading all the great stories that we send out in our free email newsletters every Monday, Wednesday and Friday lunchtime. We’d like to take this opportunity to explain why you might not currently be able to read all of our articles.

    All readers have free access to five stories from Horse & Hound’s team of expert journalists within every 30 days, but if you wish to continue reading articles by Horse & Hound once you’ve enjoyed those five stories, then you’ll need to take out a digital or bundle subscription. The H&H digital subscription gives you free access to all the stories on HorseandHound.co.uk, whether you are coming to those from the website’s homepage, google, newsletters or social media.

    The cost of a digital subscription is £1 for the first month, followed by monthly payments of £7.99. This is a rolling subscription, which costs an average of £1.84 per week, and it can be cancelled at any time so you are not tied in to making payments over a long period. Alternatively you can choose to save 40%, paying just £1 per week, by taking out an annual digital subscription, which costs £52. Or if you would prefer to enjoy having the weekly magazine delivered to your door to read at your leisure, combined with access to our up-to-the-minute online services, then we have a print and digital bundle available for you, which costs significantly less than buying the magazine in the shops every Thursday.

    Our digital subscription service includes many, many more stories than we are able to publish in the weekly magazine, as well as our exclusive magazine columns from top names including Carl Hester, Piggy March, Nick Skelton, Julie Templeton. However, not everything you find in the magazine is available through our digital subscription service. Exclusive interviews, show highlights from across the equestrian sports, and many of our regular features, such as the always popular weekly Vet Clinic, can only be enjoyed by reading the magazine. As part of the digital subscription, we do provide full access to our online veterinary library of equine ailments and conditions, which is kept updated with the latest research. So if you don’t want to miss anything we do, then you should take out a print and digital bundle.

    Horse & Hound is a global influencer in the horse world, trusted by readers to provide the most up-to-date information from the experts who know best. Our journalism highlights key issues and instigates change where it is needed for our horses and our communities. Our journalists go the extra mile to bring you the stories behind the headlines, and the facts behind the hearsay. With your support, we can bring more and more extensive, independent journalism to the horseworld. It also enables us to send extra journalists to major events, such as Badminton, Royal Windsor, Hickstead, Burghley, World Championships and many more, so we can bring you the latest news as it happens and the very best behind-the-scenes stories that we know you love to read.

    Already a magazine subscriber? Don’t worry, we have a special offer for you too. You can upgrade from your magazine subscription to a print and digital bundle for just a extra £10 or less. The easiest way to do so is to give our customer care team a call on +44 (0) 330 333 1125 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm UK time) and they will be able to help you switch without any break in your weekly magazine delivery.

    We hope that this helps to explain why you’ve not necessarily been able to read all our newsletter stories. Should you choose to support our work by taking out a subscription of any kind we would really appreciate that, thank you.

    Carol Phillips, H&H’s website editor

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