H&H exclusive: lady horse dealers

  • ‘If this job was easy, a man would do it,” reads the sign on dealer Patsy Day’s desk.

    Dealing horses is a male-dominated profession, but Patsy and others have battled to prove that despite the job’s shady image, women can cut a fair deal and make a living out of it.

    Journalist Carolyn Henderson finds out how they got into the business, how lucrative it is and how to deal with the male chauvinists they encounter in their work.

    “I get a huge buzz from selling, the but the money doesn’t excite me. It’s finding horses and ponies, matching them to the right riders and seeing the partnerships go on,” says Nicolette Gidley-Wright.

    To read Carolyn Henderson’s full feature don’t miss Horse & Hound on sale Thursday 10 January.

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