Endurance ladies carry New Zealand’s hopes at WEG

  • Three women will fly the flag for New Zealand at the FEI Alltech World Equestrian Games in Kentucky.

    Alison Higgins on Twynham El Omar, Debby Worsfold on Northwinds Bradley McGregor and Jenny Chandler on Lace and Fineness will compete in the 160km endurance ride against the best in the world.

    Alison is currently 10th in the world-rankings but was ranked third earlier this year. She has only been involved in endurance since 2002, but has moved quickly through the ranks.

    High performance leader Madonna Harris says the terrain in Kentucky will suit the Kiwi horses perfectly, but much hinges on solid riding skills and a strong team performance. However, with just three riders in the team, there is no luxury of a drop off score.

    “Our riders know what speed they need to ride at to maintain that world class level,” says Harris, who has represented New Zealand in a raft of sports including cross-country skiing, cycling, athletics, endurance riding and basketball. “We have a great opportunity to do well there.”

    New Zealand originally announced a five-strong endurance team, but two of those named have since withdrawn.

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