ECPS Show 28 July ’04

  • ECPS Eastern region Lordsbridge, Cambs, 28 July

    y’ling (S Coles) 1 & res, P Buxton’s Hearnesbrook Venus; 2, J Sutton’s Tiercel Tigermoth; 3, C Bryson’s Kilmiston Nighthawk. 2/3-y-o 1, ch & res sup ch, J Sutton’s Hungry Hall Coronet; 2, Mr & Mrs Cook’s Millfields Tara Breeze; 3, P Buxton’s Hearnesbrook Neptune. brood mare 1, Hon Mrs Richardson’s Hungry Hall Biretta. do, with foal 1, ch & res ch, C Prentice’s Scotsway Sahara; 2 & res, V Compton’s Silver Wisp; 3, Brown & Compton’s Cocum Coronet. foal 1, V Compton’s Chilham Temple Bar; 2, C Prentice’s Scottsway Shades of Space. stallion 1, S Thompson’s Lishmar Rebel. barren mare (B McGrath) 1, C Collier’s Fort Lisa; 2, Mr & Mrs Cook’s Millfields Sonnet; 3, J Papworth’s Pilgrims Amulet. gelding 1, K Turner’s Maximilian; 2, Mr Molyneux’s Emerald Isle; 3, A Hodges’ Tir Na Og. part-bred & overheight 1, P Buxton’s Hearnesbrook Derby Day; 2, K Winfield’s Phanton of the Opera; 3, P Gingell’s Plymswood Spintime. progeny group Millfields Sonnet, Millfields Tara Breeze, Mystic White Knight. jnr ridden 1, Maximilian; 2, Millfields Sonnet; 3, J Lawrence’s Kinlara Dunrowan. family pony 1, L Staples’s Killough Sam Seagull; 2, A Stone’s Gelston Prime Time; 3, J Funnell’s Deards Blue Peter. really novice (M Lawrence) 1, S & J Clarke’s Kippure Huckleberry; 2, D Bassett’s Pilgrims Encharm; 3, V Hadley’s Capriole Catriona. nov 1, S Fuller-Lewis’s Elaphine Leonora; 2, K Shoolheifer’s Killiney Silver Charm; 3, Kinlara Dunrowan. open 1 & ch, J Timpson’s Canal Village Poacher; 2 & res, Millfields Sonnet; 3, S Bridgwood’s Irish Atlantic Comedee. p/bred & overheight 1, Gelston Prime Time; 2, Phantom Of The Opera; 3, Hearnesbrook Derby Day. really novice WHP, p/bred & overheight (M Lawrence & S Coles) 1, M Garrod’s Brodella Fiontar; 2, A Stone’s Playwood Pollyanna; 3, J Woods’ Mystic Moonshadow. nov 1 & res, Mrs Morgan-Jones’ Derry Playbox; 2, Lishmar Rebel; 3, M Chadwick’s Mystic White Knight. open 1 & ch, S Fuller-Lewis’s Elaphine Murphy; 2, Mr O’Scollon’s Mr Smee; 3, S Lewis’ Midsummer Moonshine. part bred & overheight 1, Mystic Moonriver; 2, Hearnesbrook Derby Day. BCPS performance purebred 1, Elaphine Murphy; 2, Mr Smee; 3, Midsummer Moonshine. part bred & overheight 1, Mystic Moonriver; 2, S Wynn’s Storm Child; 3, Deards Blue Peter. Fenrose Breeders’ Trophy Millfields Stud, res, Hearnesbrook Stud. Millfields Outright Award for adult owner/rider Jan Funnell. Scottsway Outright Award for junior owner/rider Lucy Cook & Hannah Lynn. jnr handler Lucy Cook & Gemma Turner.

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