BSPS Welsh Championships, 4-5 September, 2011

  • HOYS (A Perkins, A Williams) WHP 133cm.— 1, L Bowen’s Purple Ronnie; 2, H Needham’s Silverstar Archie; 3, K Mobley’s Willoway Pot Of Gold. 143cm.— 1, N Horsley-Gubbins’ Mr Binks; 2, S Weir’s Ruby Slippers; 3, G Corteen’s Morello. 153cm.— 1 & ch, A Barnes’ Laughtons Bramble Pie; 2, Z Woolley’s Lyndell First Of May; 3, M Cooper’s Mirah Kilgobben Rebel. int.— 1 & res, J Skillman’s Carnsdale Vanity Fair; 2, A Vaughan’s Park Lane; 3, K Fudge’s Tarr Commodore. HOYS int SRT (J Griffin, S Chapman) sml.— 1, R Walker’s Fleetsmoor; 2, A Winborne’s Sheepcote Dancer; 3, K Miles’ Stanley Grange Masterpiece. lge.— 1 & res, K Bott’s Whalton Dirity; 2, N Marshalsay’s Manhattan IV; 3, K Harris’ Time Out. int SHT (J Griffin, Mrs Stephens).— 1 & ch, H Binks’ Wycliff; 2, M Cooper’s Suwannee River; 3, J Bartle’s State Policy. HOYS LR SHT (C Dew).— 1, L Dalley’s Greendown Joker; 2, C de le Hay’s Gryngallt Prelude; 3, K Cousins’ Treowen Flashman. HOYS SHP (C Dew, Mrs Stephens) 122cm.— 1 & res, C Cooper’s Outrig Puccini; 2, L Bowen’s Caradines M’Lord; 3 C McDowall’s Barkway Snap Dragon. 133cm.— 1 & ch, S Mace’s Wicklea Wakanda; 2, L Bowen’s Caradines Dante; 3, L Ridgeway’s Litton Step In Time. 143cm.— 1, K Always’ Gorfenletch Merlin; 2, A Makey’s Wycroft New Dimension; 3, S Coleman’s Laybalands Sunday Best. 153cm.— 1, K Bott’s Supernatural; 2, R Walker’s Fleetsmoor Star Attraction; 3, A Dark’s Goldun Conquest. HOYS SP (F Dymond, A Fernyhough) 128cm.— 1 & ch, K Bankier’s Pennyroyal Little Brown Sugar; 2, E Meer’s Mount Pleasant Black Jack; 3, B McKinnon’s Chasecroft Dawn Chorus. 138cm.— 1 & res, D Thomas’ Astral Tinkerbell; 2, S Baker’s Hurstparkforest Berti; 3, A Hunt’s Rotherwood Mr Pepys. 148cm.— 1, L Anderson’s Tonkenfig Tom Thumb; 2, C Sanderson’s Bankswood Honeysuckle; 3, J Prichard’s Chiddock Storytime. HOYS LR (J Griffin).— 1 & res, N Smith’s Fofsway Ganymede; 2, J Shields’ Kenilwood Music Boy; 3, L Mitchell’s Small Land Chatter. HOYS FR (J Griffin).— 1 & ch, D Brookes’ Caradines Cut-A-Dash; 2, R Hulbert Varley’s Barkway Maria; 3, L Torode’s Tidesbrook Roger Rabbit. CS.— 1, S Weir’s Longwaite Red Robin; 2, L Bowen’s Caradines M’Lord. NS.— 1, Purple Ronnie; 2, B Pennington’s Magic Marbles; 3, unlisted. premier league WHP (J Crowley, J Brace) 133cm.— 1, Purple Ronnie; 2, Silverstar Archie. 143cm (J Crowley, M Jones).— 1, Mr Binks; 2, M Roberts’ Weevers Sweet William; 3, K Goord’s Reduster Polanski. 153cm.— 1 & ch, Lyndell First Of May; 2, D Ward’s Prim & Proper; 3, V Dempsey’s The Earl Of Derryfrench. int.— 1, E Pendred’s Mystery Morn; 2, Tarr Commodore; 3, D Ward’s Farelli.

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