Brooke benefits from kids book

The author of a new children’sbook, which tells the story of a young Afghan boy and his donkey who flee their homeland for Pakistan, will donate all royalties to the Brooke Hospital for Animals.

British author Tessa Krailing wrote ‘Fayim’s Incredible Journey’ after she heardabout the plight of seven-year-old Fayim Kalim and his eight-month-old donkey, Baby, from the Brooke, which helped the pair when they first arrived at the Peshawar refugee camp.

Fayim and Baby left their home north of Kabul and trekked for 14 days across inhospitable terrain to reach the Pakistani refugee camp. Their journey took them along the Khyber Pass, which is frequented by soldiers, bandits and smugglers and is regarded as one of the most dangerous roads in the world.

The Brooke’s head of international development, Dr Bill Swann met Fayim and says: “In many cases, animals represent the remaining wealth of refugee families. Baby the donkey may be small now but before long it may be the family’s only source of income.”

Tessa, who is an established author, is donating her fee and royalties from this book to the Brooke. She says: “I heard about Fayim and his family from the vet who treated Baby’s ailments when he arrived at Peshawar.

“To their owners, these animals mean the difference between life and death. If their animals die, they have little hope of building a future. Fayim’s father, like so many others, was surprised to find treatment is free – often this is the first kindness they have had from strangers.”

Fayim’s Incredible Journey is published by Oxford University Press and is aimed at seven- to nine-year-olds, costing £3.40. To place an order (tel: 01536 741727) and quote ISBN number 0-19-919627-3.

For more information on the Brooke Hospital for Animals visit: www.brooke-hospital.org

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