Equestrian power couples: H&H talks to partners in life and horses *H&H Plus*

  • Living with an equally competitive rider has its pros and cons. Lucy Higginson asks some power couples how they balance family life with competitive goals

    “People talk about the challenges of isolation, but we’ve actually found it fine,” says Sara Parrott, referring to the challenges of lockdown earlier this year.

    Living with her partner, fellow showing supremo Craig Elenor, on 10 acres in Easingwold, Yorkshire, she has stumbled on to one of the ironies of lockdown: it’s not all that different to regular out-of-season life when you run a competition yard with your partner.

    But how do you cope when you live and work with your other half, at home, in a sport that gives very little change from a 13-hour day? What for some is a recipe for disaster works like a dream for others, who may often not leave their property for days at a time, even without a pandemic.