Register your ragwort infestations on our UK map

  • In recognition of the British Horse Society’s 2010 Ragwort Awareness Week, H&H is inviting readers to take direct action to help highlight ragwort infestations in their local area by adding them to our nationwide map.

    Ragwort is a serious concern for horse owners as it can be fatal if eaten. It also spreads rapidly from field to field if action to remove it is not taken. This highly toxic weed is classified under the Weeds Act 1959. Under the act it is not an offence to have the weed growing on your property, but it must not be allowed to spread to agricultural land.

    Local authorities have a responsibility to remove ragwort infestations, but some councils do not treat it as a priority. Last year John Whitaker’s local council came under fire after deciding to use the money previously set aside for ragwort clearing elsewhere.

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