Beijing to host 2008 Olympic Games

  • Beijing, China’s capital city, has been chosen to host the 2008 Olympic games.

    Members of the International Olympics Committee (IOC) at the 112th IOC Session in Moscow selected the city over Osaka in Japan, Paris in France, Toronto in Canada and Istanbul in Turkey.

    According to the IOC evaluation commission’s report on the city, the equestrian events will be held at Beijing Country Equestrian Park, 34km away from the “Olympic Green”. The Olympic Green, situated to the north of Beijing’s city centre, will form the centre of the 2008 Olympic Games, as it will contain the Olympic Village and the Olympic Stadium.

    Adequate equine quarantine measures for the import and export of the competitors horses was raised as a potential problem in the IOC’s report.

    The provision of horses for the Paralympics was also mentioned in the report which stated: “Horses for equestrian events [for the Paralympics] will be provided, or failing that, the OCOG will consider the possibility of meeting transportation costs for competitors horses.”

    For more information visit www.olympic.org

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