Top eventers must register with FEI or be disqualified

  • British Eventing (BE) has warned top riders not to risk disqualification by forgetting to register with the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) before taking part in CCIs or CICs this season.

    Last year, dozens of eventers neglected their paperwork, including Mark Todd who, according to FEI records was not registered when he won the CIC** at Somerley Park last April on ODT Landvision.

    But the FEI is cracking down on the practice this season and qualifications and results gained by unregistered riders will not be accepted.

    Paul Graham of BE said: “The rule came in three years ago, but the FEI has not policed it until this season.

    “It is the riders’ responsibility to apply, but we have reminded all the riders who registered last season, and those we are aware of who were unregistered, that they need to renew.

    “Until now no action was taken, but riders will be disqualified this year which could mean losing qualifications.”

    To register, riders fill out a form available on the BE website or through the post.

    The situation appeared worse last year because a computer problem at the FEI meant some registrations were not recorded.

    Among them was Georgie Spence, who was very concerned to learn that, according to FEI records, she competed at least six times last season while unregistered, including at Badminton.

    “I’m glad it was just a computer glitch,” she told H&H. “I was sure I had registered, but it was a bit of a worry.”

    An FEI spokesman said it hoped to have its records corrected by the end of March.

    She said the cases of around 200 horses still needed to be investigated but those of riders were all being resolved.

    This article was first published in Horse & Hound (25 February, ’10)

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