Who will join the FEI dressage committee at Rio?

  • As the world’s equestrian nations gather in Rio de Janeiro for the 2011 FEI General Assembly, dressage figures are still smarting from a perceived slight by the international body for horsesport.

    Delegates at Rio are due to vote as to whom should join the FEI Dressage Committee following the resignation of athlete representative Margit Otto-Crepin of France.

    The International Dressage Riders Club (IDRC) had thought felt the seat should automatically go to another member of their group and that the FEI would accept their nominee, Wayne Channon, uncontested.

    But Luis Lucio of Spain and Maria Ines Garcia Cuellar of Columbia joined the contest after being nominated by their national federations.

    Neither was a member of the IDRC at the time of nomination, but joined soon after.

    The IDRC’s next action was to exclude them from membership of the group.

    But following a meeting of its tribunal the FEI parried by announcing that the place on the committee is not exclusively for an IDRC member.

    So where does this leave the issue?

    Right back where they started, says FEI General Counsel, Lisa Lazarus.

    “The dismissal of the IDRC appeal means that the status quo is maintained with regard to the process for appointing the athlete representative on the Dressage Committee,” she said.

    “The three proposed candidates will be presented to the Bureau with their candidacy files, along with the nominations committee’s recommendation, for a decision on who should be appointed.

    “The Bureau will make its appointment on 11 November at the FEI Bureau meeting in Rio. The Bureau is not bound by the nomination committee’s recommendation.”

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