Honeychop Horse Feeds is based on a busy working family farm in the heart of rural Suffolk

  • Telephone 01359 230823
    Address Honeychop Horse Feeds, Halls Farm, Norton, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP31 3LG

    We use our own home-grown and locally sourced Conservation Grade oat straw as standard in our horse feeds rather than wheat or barley straw, because oat straw has a lower lignin content, making it easier for horses to digest. The result is a superior horse feed that is high in fibre, extremely palatable and above all, nutritious and safe, making it the natural choice for your horse. We source all our ingredients to ensure that your high standards are always met.

    Our product range offers a feed for every horse, pony or donkey and can be split into three categories. Our Free From range, including Topline & Shine, Lite & Healthy and Chopped Oat Straw are all molasses-free blends making them ideal for those with intolerances.Free-from-Group-1400x788

    Our Specialist range consists of Calm & Shine and our Senior feed, both special mixes for those with particular dietary requirements.Specialist-Group-1400x788

    Lastly, we have our Traditional range of molassed chaffs, including Original, Plus Garlic, Plus Apple and Plus Garlic.Traditional-Group-1400x788

    We conform to the BETA UFAS NOPS Code. This requires us to evaluate the risk of NOPS contamination during every step of the sourcing, storage, transport and manufacturing processes of our products. Optimum measures are in place to minimise the risk of NOPS contamination.

    Conforming to the Code allows us to use the BETA UFAS NOPS logo on our products and reassures our customers of the strict manufacturing practise that is in place for every step of the process for all of our products. Only the highest standard of ingredients are sourced from approved suppliers, with full traceability – from the packaged product right back to the field where it was grown.