How to reverse a horse trailer [VIDEO GUIDE]

  • Horse & Hound and Land Rover have teamed up to produce an online guide explaining how to tow a horse trailer, including this expert video guide on tackling the challenge of reversing your horse trailer in a straight line and around corners. NB: The competition to win an Ifor Williams horse trailer has closed.

    How to reverse a horse trailer

    Learning to reverse a horse trailer successfully takes time and practise. You should be confident about your ability to do this before you load up your horse and head out on the road. We recommend you find a quiet place with plenty of room where you can practise manouevres without the pressure of people watching or being against the clock.

    Reversing a trailer in a straight line

    • It helps if you begin with the towing vehicle and trailer straight so pull forward until that’s the case
    • You should be able to see equal amounts of the trailer in both mirrors
    • Put the towing vehicle into reverse and move back slowly
    • As the trailer appears more in one mirror, turn the steering wheel towards that mirror to straighten it out
    • Turn the wheel slowly and wait for the trailer to respond to avoid overcorrecting

    Reversing a trailer around a corner

    • Begin by turning the wheel in the opposite direction to that you want the trailer to take, so to take the trailer to the right, turn the wheel to the left
    • Start reversing back slowly so you can make gentle corrections if necessary
    • Once the trailer is going in the correct direction, turn the steering wheel so the towing vehicle follows the trailer
    • Watch the trailer in your mirrors and straighten up once the turn is complete
    • If it all goes wrong, pull forward gently and have another go
    • Remember if you get flustered and turn the wheel too much, that’s when the trailer will jacknife

    NB: All drivers who passed their test since 1 January 1997 have to take an additional test in order to tow a horsebox. Find out whether you are legal to tow.

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