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Sport psychologist Inga Wolframm explains why riders get competition butterflies — and how you can use them to your advantage

Yogi Breisner teaching a cross-country lesson

Yogi Breisner’s top tips to improve your cross-country technique

Team GBR’s eventing performance manager shares his top tips for improving your cross-country performance

Jason with The Big Projct

Jason Webb’s blog: Meet ‘The Big Project’

H&H’s blogger is delighted to see a reformed character in H&H this week and introduces us to his latest dressage project


Jason Webb’s blog: horses training humans

A group of Sainsbury’s brightest young managers visited Jason’s yard to find out how handling horses could make them better leaders at work

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A crooked rider at worst causes their horse back problems and even lameness. At best, they hinder his ability to do his job. Find what you can do to improve your straightness in day-to-day life

Glamorgan Hunt 14 02 2013

12 ways hunting can help your horse

Simon Lawrance, MFH, 4-star event rider and UKCC Level 3 coach shares his thoughts on how hunting can help your horse’s training

A horse jumping a cross-country fence

10 tips to improve your cross-country timing

Even at BE100 getting your timing wrong can scupper your hopes of success. We asked the experts for their tips on achieving the optimum time going cross-country

Warm up

Tips for competing with your horse alone

If you don’t have helpful friends or family to go with you to shows, find out how other “go it aloners” make it work