A horse found entangled in barbed wire in Oklahoma City in the USA is recovering from serious injuries after being rescued.

The horse, called Rudy, was saved on 2 January by staff from Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue Centre. He had spent the previous two days stuck in barbed wire fencing in freezing temperatures.

Rudy, unable to move, had lost both ears, eyelids and suffered a fractured jaw after being ravaged by dogs.

Police were reportedly called to the property about a dead horse, but on arrival officers found he was still alive.

Covered in blood and mud and very distressed, he was taken from his paddock by the authorities to the Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue centre.

US press report that Oklahoma City Animal Control is now pursuing charges against the caller.

Rudy is now on the road to recovery after members of the public donated more than $21,000 to help fund his veterinary costs.

Rudy dog attack wire 2“Rudy has extensive facial injuries, the most dramatic was the fact that both of his ears had been torn off, as well as a large portion of the right side of his face,” wrote Natalee Cross from Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue Centre on Rudy’s donations page.

“He has corneal ulcers in both eyes and both his upper and lower right eyelids had been torn off. He has a fractured jaw and a large piece of bone was removed. He has numerous lacerations and punctures on his head. He also has numerous lacerations and punctures to all of his legs, including a possible septic tendon sheath.”

View close up pictures of Rudy’s terrible injuries (warning: you may find these images distressing): picture one, picture two, picture three

Vets gave him painkillers and antibiotics to fight the infection and after a few days he was able to walk, see and eat. He has full vision and hearing.

“We are so happy with Rudy’s amazing progress,” added Natalee on Monday (12 January). “Rudy continues to thrive and improve daily. His wounds are looking great with healthy granulation tissue. He is bright and happy! Every day, you can tell this boy feels better and better.”

When he has made a complete recovery Rudy will be put up for adoption. The centre has already been overwhelmed with offers.

  • Bobby McGee

    It’s got nothing to do with the dogs – are folks missing the point entirely here? Not being entangled in barbed wire = dogs, wild or otherwise, not being a problem. Barbed wire needs to be made illegal for ALL yards/liveries. End of.

  • Rockincowgirl

    Loose dogs shouldn’t be shot, they are our responsability as we humans breed them but a lot of humans are way too careless and can’t handle such a responsability.We’re the ones messing up, not the animals!

  • Jason Fraser

    Until the latter part of the 20th century, loose dogs were shot on sight. Until people start shooting loose dogs on sight today and banning dangerous dogs such as pit bulls and Rottweilers, we will continue reading about livestock, wildlife and humans attacked and mutilated or killed by these marauding monsters! Cities/counties need to replace Animal Care and Control with good old-fashioned dog-catchers who are more concerned about protecting people, livestock and wildlife than they are in mollycoddling dogs.

  • Lisa Draycott Fry

    Please keep updates posted.