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Ahead of their appearances at next month’s Olympia Horse Show (16-22 December 2014), find out what Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin argue about, who is the messiest, who is always late — and a host of other contentious issues…

What do you argue about?
Charlotte: We argue about everything — who’s right and who’s wrong. And he always answers back. I’m going to get a jumper called ‘excuse.com’. If I tell him something [Carl] always has an answer or an excuse. We argue a lot!
Carl: I’m making no comment to prove a point here.
Charlotte: Because I’m so right.

Who is the messiest?
Charlotte: “[Carl] will get changed in the lorry and his clothes will be everywhere. So everyone has to clear up after him — he just gets off and leaves everything. So I’m a bit OCD — I’m the clean person, he’s the messy person.”

Who’s always late?
Charlotte: Carl!
Carl: No — you are always late!
Charlotte: He was late today… I’m always waiting for Carl.
Carl: That’s how it should be!

Do they have any superstitions?
Carl: I don’t have any, but Charlotte has some rituals.
Charlotte: I do — I have lucky breeches.
Carl: I just want to be around people before I ride, I don’t like being on my own and I just get ready when it’s time to get on, whereas Charlotte tends to make a whole day of it.
Charlotte: No I don’t, the only superstition I have is wearing my lucky breeches. They are cleaned and washed though!

How often do they muck out?
Carl: I muck out on Christmas day every year.
Charlotte: No — Carl invites a whole house-full of guests and then they do all the mucking out, while Carl stays in the house!
Carl: I take them for a tour round the yard on Christmas day, everyone has to pick up a fork, we all muck out and then I give them lunch.

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